saydate and saytime: Hear for yourself

I’m going to lump saydate and saytime into one post, partly because they’re obvious cousins, but also because me showing them here doesn’t do a lick of good.


Both are primarily audio gimmicks, and as you can guess, one speaks the date through your speakers, and the other the time.

Unfortunately both are also somewhat out of date — saydate in particular is a decade old — and my luck with ancient audio programs is less than perfect.

I will give you a hint though: For the Debian version of saydate — which is hiding in the squeeze repos — you’ll want to install alsa-oss and start it like this:

aoss saydate -w

For saytime, you’ll need to make sure sox is installed, but I can’t guarantee that will work either, since my Arch version of sox didn’t like the options saytime was passing to it.

As a side note, saytime is apparently only in Russian, even if the flag options are available in English.

And other than that, all I can say is … you’ll have to hear them for yourself.

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