vit: That full-screen interface I promised

It seems like a long time, but it was only a month ago when we saw taskwarrior, the to-do list organizer with a considerable level of detail and complexity. At the time I promised to show the “official” (?) full-screen interface for it, and that time is now. 😉

2014-06-18-6m47421-vit-01 2014-06-18-6m47421-vit-02 2014-06-18-6m47421-vit-03

vit is a cooling balm for people like me, who need a certain degree of spatial flair to make their lives complete. I know how ironic that sounds, considering the context is console applications. 🙄

But I see a certain congruity. vit comes through on just about all the points I like in a full-screen console application — color, onboard help, good use of space, intuitive layout, and so forth.

vit’s navigation is a near-duplicate of the vi/vim coalition, and if you like that arrangement, it will no doubt be an easy trick to learn how to work vit. And if it doesn’t fall immediately into place for you, entering the time-honored command :help gives you a scrollable list of keypresses and their definitions.

I have no major complaints about vit; it does make the transition to taskwarrior a lot more appealing to me. taskwarrior on its own was not my favorite, but vit makes a good catalyst.

Of course, now we need to have a celebrity smackdown between vit and the usurper, tasknc. May the best full-screen-vi-like-curses-interface-to-taskwarrior win. 😉