wordgrinder: Same as it ever was

I must admit a little disappointment (dare I say sadness?) when I run across an application that I enjoyed using a long time ago, but has fallen … out of favor with its developers.

wordgrinder is one of those, and while I won’t go into much detail (because I went into extreme detail a few years ago), I had to check and see if it had made any progress in that time.


Unfortunately no. Don’t get me wrong: It still works, and it’s apparently still in the repos for Debian (the AUR version won’t build for me, but I can handle that).

It’s just in the same state it was half a decade ago, with no apparent updates or improvements. Sigh. 😦

So what, you say? So what if it’s out of development, because (insert favorite text editor here) does all that, and can fold and color-sync my code and compile from within the editor?

Well … because (insert favorite text editor here) is just that — a text editor. wordgrinder is designed as a writing tool, and as someone who doesn’t code, fold or compile (much), it’s a good tool for writing.

wordgrinder is a word processor, for processing words. Text editors are for editing text. Those two things are not always the same.

Regardless, it was worth mentioning again. In its present, “final” state it is very usable, but lacks a few finishing features. If you want to get better acquainted with it, check out the sassy how-to some dork wrote five years ago. … 😕

6 thoughts on “wordgrinder: Same as it ever was

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  2. Andy C.

    WordGrinder just got updated (24 March) – version 0.4 has OpenDocument import/export, Windows support (doesn’t really work well, though – it’s laggy for some reason), and a few other improvements.

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  4. tmos

    Hi, Wordgrinder has just been updated to version 0.5. Windows port is improved supposedly and a few new features.

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