uncsv: So much easier than search-and-replace

Like I said some weeks ago, it’s rare that I have a chance to use comma-separated value data files. It’s just not something that I see on a day-to-day basis.

That might be part of the reason I find uncsv so interesting. For me, just the idea of having to wrangle with a csv file and convert it to something slightly different is frightening.


And yet uncsv does it without the least bit of effort. You have the option to pick your delimiter, play footsie with carriage returns and line feeds, and send the data through to other tools.

uncsv has its polar opposite in csv, which (as you might imagine) converts delimited text files into properly structured csv format.

csv is almost worth mentioning in and of itself, since it offers an additional three or four options, such as bracketing everything in quotes — as you can see here.


These are fun to play with, and if you need to work with csv files on a regular basis, this could be a better option than whatever method you’re used to.

As for me, I’m going to concoct a few more phony databases, just so I can watch it do its thing. 🙂

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