mining-haze: Once glimpsed, now in full view

I tried to capture mining-haze in action, and got a badly mangled gif as a result. I’ll give you a static image as well, so you don’t have to wonder what it looks like in reality.

2014-07-15-6m47421-mining-haze 2014-07-15-6m47421-mining-haze

The mining-haze project page describes it as a clone of Boulder Dash, and I would be willing to accept that, given my limited memory of Boulder Dash. White dots represent diamonds, red bangs (!) are stones, and you are the green circle.

Digging in the loose earth causes things to drop, cause explosions or just to settle differently on the screen. Some of these levels will be very precise about what objects to move first, before you’ll be able to find a way out.

The README for mining-haze claims the program is alpha software, but is unlikely to get many more updates. That being said, the provisions are there for custom levels, so even if you don’t adopt it as a project of your own, you can draw up some new adventures.

If you’ve gotten this far and you think you’ve seen mining-haze before, you probably have; I showed it with stty a long time ago. I mentioned it then, and I mention stty now, because my only annoyance with mining-haze is that it absolutely requires an 80×24 terminal screen.

That is a bit of a turnoff for me, but stty can help you circumvent the issue, if you’re willing to take a moment or two before you play, and set things up.

mining-haze is in AUR, but not Debian. It might need to mature a little bit before it is accepted into the Brotherhood of the Magenta Swirlies. 😉

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