lfm: Mimicking mc?

It’s been a while since I had a file manager to write about. lfm is a good one, but probably only if you like two-pane file management.


Which I do, personally. I’d much rather have a source and destination pane to work with, than to fumble around with right-clicking to copy and paste.

Maybe that comes with learning Norton Commander a long time ago, or maybe just from slowly moving away from mouse-driven interfaces.

Regardless, lfm does a good job following the trail left by Norton Commander or even Midnight Commander, without complicating what should be a simple experience.

lfm also adds a full-screen system mountpoint analysis, and a tree navigation sequence, as you can see above. Most actions are triggered through the function keys, and the defaults are nearly identical to mc’s standard layout.

Whether that’s intentional or not is for you to infer. Given that lfm seems a bit simpler than mc, and appears to arrange itself after the latter, it’s possible that lfm started out as an attempt to mimic mc.

For me, that’s neither here nor there. I find lfm amusing, but not life-changing. I’ll stick with what I know for the mean time. 😉