taipan: A trading game with history

This is two games in a row. At this rate, nothing will get done.

taipan is a remake of the classic Apple II text-based trading game Taipan!.

2013-02-01-solo-2150-taipan-01 2013-02-01-solo-2150-taipan-02 2013-02-01-solo-2150-taipan-03

I will confess that I don’t remember playing Taipan! on the Apple II (or C-64, for that matter … I was a chickenhead), so I can’t vouch for its faithfulness to the original.

However, it does play a lot like a cross between Sid Meier’s Pirates! and Lemonade Stand (or maybe dopewars, since you can traffic in Arms and Opium), both of which I can relate to. The games, that is. 😳

And of course, elements of this are found in such classics as Elite, Space Trader and a long list of other games.

Most console-based games seem to be remakes of boardgames or tetris clones. It’s good to see a game with depth to it, that requires a little thinking, and a little time to play. Enjoy. 🙂