nemesis: Way, way out of my depth

I suppose part of the good in traipsing through an alphabetical list of console software was that I was forced — forced, I tell you — to look at software I would otherwise dismiss out of hand.

And looking at nemesis, I realize two things.


That I am way out of my depth here. And that I am way, way out of my depth here.

I have found several introductions to nemesis elsewhere on the Internet, and of course there is a man page, but I fear I haven’t the requisite background to appreciate it fully.

I see that it transmits packets from the command line, which also suggests it can be run via script. I see that it can manage a lot of protocols, to include ARP, UDP and TCP.

The only problem is that those things are very vague to me, and I don’t know how or why I would need to do that.

So I scratch my head and try a couple of random stabs at the thing, but I feel very much like a chimpanzee staring at a Swiss army knife. It just doesn’t quite unfold for me.

And as time is a factor here, I hope you’ll forgive me if I set this aside for a later date. When a smarter, wiser K.Mandla arrives. 😕