sudognu: Sort of a game, sort of a game generator

I’m going to include sudognu in this list, even though the argument could be made that it’s not really a game, so much as a game solver and generator.


As you can see there, one of the main uses for sudognu is to generate PDFs of sudoku puzzles, ready to print and maybe even republish elsewhere. sudognu does this without the need for wacky dependencies or outside libraries, so just compile and go.

sudognu can also generate puzzles as 81-digit strings representing the filled and unfilled squares of a sudoku puzzle, and if you need help, can solve them too, by feeding a puzzle back in the same format.

So, no more waiting for the next day’s newspaper to arrive, to check your work. 😉

As an added bonus, the sudognu package comes with tools and scripts to help you set up a server that can do much the same thing with puzzles submitted through a web page. I didn’t take the time to set that up, but I imagine it looks a lot like the sudognu home page.

sudognu isn’t interactive like nsudoku was, but then again, it wasn’t intended to be. I know it’s not so much a game as a lot of other things we’ve seen in the past week, but it probably fits here better than anywhere else.

P.S.: Yeah, I know. Acrobat Reader. Blech. 😛