w2do: What to do, at the cli

This may be a little deflated after yesterday’s monster post, but there’s naught to be done about that. Here’s w2do, a to-do and task organizer that operates almost exclusively from the command line.


If you are one of those rare folks who actually prefers to do everything at the cursor edge, with no interface whatsoever, w2do might have your number.

Almost everything — that I could figure out — happens as a command line switch, meaning you should be glad the program isn’t called wondrousnotetakerandtodolistmanager.

That was a joke. 😐

I shall put an end to my lame attempts at humor. You can build, organize and adjust your tasks with w2do fairly easily, although there were a few spikes in my personal learning curve.

For myself, I prefer something that proves text-based doesn’t have to be faceless. 🙄

2 thoughts on “w2do: What to do, at the cli

  1. gilbertc555

    Good one! Just installed.. Now I can get my stuff organized and get my command line fix – Thanks

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