I can give you no guidance

Unfortunately, this is all I have to show for, which allows a console interface to


It’s true, I don’t have an account with I have a vague idea what it’s about, but I’m afraid it’s not interesting to me. A lot of things aren’t, though. is in AUR as shell-fm, and there is a shell-fm-git, but it looks like hasn’t seen updates in quite a while, so there might be no tangible difference. I only found shell-fm in Debian.

Sorry to be so uninformative. If you’ve worked with and can offer more than I, please feel free to make suggestions. It looks intriguing, but aside from what you see above, I can give you no guidance. šŸ˜¦

3 thoughts on “ I can give you no guidance

  1. Theodore

    It’s like spotify, but came around earlier, it’s more focused on music, than on paying music artists, doesn’t need a branded app only for it (and encourages to build plugin for the music player and clients that use its web apis), and its more a social network mixed with a webradio than a music player on demand like spotify. With this tool, paired with a scrobbler like, one can avoid big gtk music players I think… This program is the part where you listen to webradios, which are like most webradios, but their track selection relies mostly on musical taste and your friends’ hints.

    1. K.Mandla Post author

      Thanks, that was the introduction I needed. I can’t see where that would be very interesting for me, but now I’m even more curious about Cheers! šŸ™‚

      1. nfultz

        Too bad is shutting down streaming, so this program will be dead soon.

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