most: More than more and less

I’ve been pitching most as the pager of the future for years now, and I’d like to think the reasons are obvious.


Color. ­čśÉ

Just kidding. ­čśë I prefer most over more or less, mostly because it carries a lot of features that you wouldn’t expect in a pager.

My two favorites are right there in the screenshot, but one you can’t really see. Multiple split screens are awesome when you want to look at the top and bottom of a file.

And most is clever enough to have a toggle option for word wrapping — which isn’t visible there, really. Sounds minor, but it’s a huge relief when you need it.

most was written (I believe) by the author of jed, and in a way it shows. Or perhaps it just makes sense to me, since I know full well jed is the editor I ought to be using, but don’t.

The less I say about most, the better. most is more than more and it’s more than less, and that’s enough reason for me to use it. To each his own, of course, but for me, most.