vche: Serious as it gets

I promised something a little more serious today, and I can think of nothing more serious than a hex editor. Here’s vche:


I did run into a short list of hex editors for the console a few weeks ago, which is why vche is up now and why aphex was listed 10 days ago. Which is all the more curious because, as I say every time I see a hex editor, I almost never have any use for a hex editor.

All the same, I like a few things about vche that might not (or might) be part of the hex editor you use:

  • Plenty of color, and well arranged. It’s easy to see what and where you’ve edited.
  • Has separate versions for consoles and X-ish environments, and one that’s flexible enough for either case. I don’t know exactly why that’s necessary, but it does mean there’s a version that won’t show my favorite block character where the font fails a terminal window.
  • Has one-key presses for XOR, OR, AND and other bit operations. Again, not that I would never need that, but it’s cool.
  • Has a quick jump between ASCII and hex editing with the TAB key. It seemed natural to me, so I had to mention it.

vche has a lot of other clever tools on board. I’ll let you take a closer look and see if something tickles your fancy.

I must be honest and say that I did have a little screen corruption, but only when the help window appeared. And if I must be honest again, that help window is not a help window. All it does is tell you to look at the man page. We can do better than that, people. …

I have a few more hex editors to show, but I’ll space them out over the weeks to come. I don’t mind lumping games (particularly minesweeper games) into a single post, but I think an oh-so-serious tool like a hex editor should probably be taken on its own. 😐

P.S.: If you find you like vche, you might consider adopting the Windows version for your other machines.