sup: My pet procrastination

I’ve had, for a very long time now, a link that supposedly explains how to successfully set up sup, offlineimap and ssmtp in an orbital shell around GMail. And still, years later, I haven’t tried it.

I know enough about sup to know that it could possibly dethrone alpine as my daily e-mail tool — which in and of itself is not a huge deal, since mutt nearly did that only a few months ago.

It’s just turned into my favorite thing to procrastinate about — I know it wouldn’t take much more than an hour, but still I haven’t done it. I’m like that sometimes. 😐


sup has been around for long enough to become a fixture in the console e-mail department, and mentioning it in the same breath as alpine and mutt is the best sign of that.

For what I have seen (recently and in ancient history) it’s clean and quick, and won’t take too long to learn.

All that is required is for me to finally set aside the time it would take to get it all into place. And this week is just not the right time. Maybe next week, when I’m not so busy.

Yeah right. … 🙄