warcarrier: Looks good, almost works

I thought the craze for randomly driving around town and poking into networks was over, but maybe it’s not. This is warcarrier, an ncurses application dedicated to just that.


I guess I shouldn’t label wardriving as a lost art just yet, and I’m willing to give warcarrier the benefit of the doubt, given my rotten track record for network tools — particularly ones dedicated to the subtler art of network security.

So my abortive attempt above, and my general ineptitude at getting the requisite gpsd running, are no sign that warcarrier is deficient. At least a I hope not. The screenshots on the home page are quite promising.

I should note that what you see up there is, of course, in Arch Linux, built off the warcarrier-svn package from AUR. The home page has instructions based on a Debian version apparently, but I also see that the last update to the svn trunk was about a year and a half ago.

I don’t know if any of those things contributed to my botched attempts, but I suppose they’re worth mentioning if you hit the same problems.

Aside from all that, warcarrier looks good, and seems to have a command of the task at hand. Even if I don’t.

As a side note, I see references to a warcarrierOS, but I can’t seem to find any download links, either on the home page or elsewhere. Perhaps it was an idea that didn’t come to fruition. If you see it somewhere, please send me the address.

Not that I’m interested in driving around town and poking at networks. Just that it seems well done, and I can appreciate that. 🙂

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