trafshow: Information and simplicity

I can remember a few years ago, a newspaper report that suggested people actually prefer fewer choices, rather than a huge array of decisions to make.

What that says about modern culture — or maybe about us as human beings — is for you to decide.

Personally I like to think that more choices means more opportunity, and fewer choices means someone somewhere is restricting my freedom.

So here’s another choice you can make, in terms of network monitors: trafshow.


trafshow’s biggest asset may be its sparsity. It’s just a list of source and destination traffic, the protocol, size and rate.

Very direct, very simple and very clean.

There are a few keypress options for trafshow that will adjust its display in one form or another, and you can get those while the program is running by pressing the “h” key.

If you like the idea of a rolling list of connections coming in and out of your box, but you’re not comfortable with the fanatic attention to detail in programs like iptraf-ng, then trafshow might be exactly the right mix of information and simplicity.

P.S.: I gave a screenshot from a graphical environment. For some reason, trafshow segfaulted whenever I tried to run it on the Solo.

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