Bonus: Missing … presumed having a good time

I am a little shy these days of listing applications I suspect are dead. It didn’t work out well last time.

But I suppose this is one small way of soliciting assistance from beyond my own four walls. Without further ado. …

  1. redrogue bills itself as a side-scrolling nethack, but the AUR version segfaults for me, and Debian doesn’t carry it. Which is a shame really, since the flash version is kind of fun. Then again, maybe there is no console version. … 😐
  2. I think I found argus while I was looking at aide. Unfortunately the AUR version wouldn’t build, even if the build notes were amusing. Half a point, sir.
  3. elmo has been on my wish-list for the better part of a decade, and it still just doesn’t seem to have anyone’s love or attention. We were promised a new developer four years ago, but that panned out too. Efforts to build it on my own were met with looks of disapproval from my terminal screen.
  4. I could swear I have seen alleytris at work, but all my attempts created hideous streams of errors at the console. Remind me if I have somehow overlooked a winner here.
  5. raggle I am very sure I have used. In fact, I wrote about it a few years ago. Since then though, Debian has apparently dropped it, Ubuntu has it but only in Hardy, and I can’t get that version to splice with Linux Mint because of dependency issues. Oh, and the AUR version goes bonkers. I can take a hint. …
  6. amap in its AUR form supposedly was updated only a few months ago. I had no luck building it though. And Debian apparently doesn’t carry it.
  7. tdu is another one I am sure I have tried before, but the newest builds just hang when I try to run it, and again, Debian doesn’t keep this one in its repertoire.
  8. adresownik I believe is an address book in console form, but the home page was inaccessible to me last time I looked, the source link was likewise dead and Debian again, doesn’t know about this one. I even went so far as to scour the world of ftp sites, hoping to dig out an old source tarball. No luck.

I think that about does it. If there’s anything here that jumps out at you, or if you find it lurking in some dark corner of the web, crying … send me a note.

I don’t mind admitting when I’m wrong, wrong, wrong. :mrgreen:

Edit, 2 p.m.: niski pointed out that adresownik is apparently back online. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Bonus: Missing … presumed having a good time

  1. niski

    Last one you mention (adresownik) seems to install from AUR, I’ve tried it just now and it works. If all you need is name, surname and email address for a contact then I guess it could do its job.
    As a bonus, you get the opportunity to learn few polish words: the source doesn’t even contain english translation 🙂

    1. K.Mandla Post author

      Ah, that’s good news. I should have checked it one more time before I added it to the list. I think I tried to access the home page and source link before I moved, and got no response. Thanks! 🙂

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