aumix: Another happy error

You knew this was coming. It’s been over a month since I mentioned both aumix and rexima as console audio control panels. Here’s aumix, working as it should.


Another thank-you to Ian Munsie, for pointing out my error. In Arch, if you install both aumix and alsa-oss, then issue this command:

aoss aumix-nox

You’ll get something similar to what you see above, according to your sound hardware.

Controls are listed in the help page (press “k” for Keys), but most of it is done through the arrow keys.

Use the greater-than and less-than keys to switch between volume control and balance. Use the pipe to center the balance.

I like aumix for showing relative volume as you change balance, and for keeping balance separate from volume.

It also gives you a one-key channel focus (press “o” for Only), saved settings and an undo switch — things a lot of other mixers don’t do.

Any case, I’m glad to see this actually still works. I shall be more cautious in the future, I promise. 😳

P.S.: There is also a graphical version, if you are still tied to X. … Gasp. … 😯