canto: A practical newsreader

Those last two posts were a bit esoteric. Un-html’ing things is a discrete — no, a niche application, at best.

Meaning … they’re useful tools to have around, but they don’t appeal to a very wide audience.

Here’s something with a little wider allure: canto.


I mentioned newsbeuter a few months ago, and snownews a little after that.

Canto is on my list as an alternate. Controls are a little unusual — left and right keys toggle read/unread; space opens a link for reading — but just press “h” and the man page springs into view.

I gotta admit, I like applications that refer you to their own man page when you ask for help.

And even better, I like applications that use boxes and colors. I know, I’m superficial. Everyone says so. 😦

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I don’t use enough newsreaders to know a good one from a rotten one.

So it might be that canto is completely unacceptable to you. I won’t take it personally.

After all, you could say that about any program I mention, right? 😉

P.S. No. 1: As requested, a warning that this is python-based.
P.S. No. 2: Take a little time to dig around in the configuration. What you see above is only a scratch on the surface of canto.
P.S. No. 3: Version 0.7.10 shown, version 8.x is on sale! Everybody loves a recent update! 😉

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