alpine: Not the best, not the worst

Out of the vast sea of Linux mail clients, for some forgotten reason I have latched on to alpine.


Or re-alpine, as I should say, since the Arch version has moved to a rebranded version. (That was a joke. Get it? 🙄 )

Why do I insist on using such a (comparatively) heavy, over-featureful, rather obtuse mail and news reader to check my meager four or five GMail accounts once a day?

I really don’t know.

Well, that’s not true. I do know. I stick with alpine — ahem, re-alpine for two or three quick reasons.

  1. It was fairly easy to figure out, for setting up rules and patterns.
  2. It worked on the first try for me.
  3. I’ve got most of the configurations saved from three or four years ago, and it’s just easier this way.

Oh, that last one is a terrible reason. Skip that one.

Truth be told, I feel no allegiance to alpine. It worked when mutt didn’t, five years ago when I was eager to find something to check my email without requiring a mouse.

I keep tabs on other clients — mutt, sup, cone, elmo. When a better one comes along, I’ll jump ship. I am like that sometimes. 😐

14 thoughts on “alpine: Not the best, not the worst

  1. MrFrood

    I was a long time pine/alpine user but for my current needs it is overkill so for the last couple of years I’ve ended up using heirloom-mailx as my email client of choice.

    1. K.Mandla Post author

      Really … ? Hmm. I shall have to check out this heirloom-mailx. I see it all the time in Arch and just never looked at it before.

      1. MrFrood

        It’s sort of a poor mans mutt, I mostly use an email client with public mailing lists which I have delivered to a gmail account (as the mailing lists are already public I have no real privacy concerns about this). I then use gmails filters to sort each mailing list into its own folder and then use heirloom-mailx to access gmail via imap and send with smtp. I use nvi for composing (see ~e & ~v commands in heirlooom-mailx) which I have set up for text composing (whereas my vim set up is more focused on coding).

        The screenshot over @ is of my setup.

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