dagger: A quick run over covered ground

It seems like it wasn’t long ago I took a first spin past dagger, but I guess it’s been two and a half years. Either way, I will make this quick and painless.


Suffice to say that dagger is a command-line tool to arrange and rename audio files based on their tags. It’s a clean and clever Python program that does exactly what you ask of it, and keeps your system sparse.

The home page has a prebuilt deb file if you’re using Debian or Ubuntu; what you see in the screenshot there is a Wheezy installation with vorbis-tools added so dagger can get at ogg files.

dagger’s not the console application I’ve been dreaming of for years now, but it will do the job of renaming files according to their tags.

Couple this with something like beets or lltag and you’ve got an entire suite of tools that might actually satisfy your craving for a proper console application.

It almost does for me. 🙄 😐