audiotag: Tagging music files, in its purest form

I remember audiotag as one of the first tools I ever used to manage audio files at the console.

It wasn’t necessarily the best tool for the job, particularly when things like lltag are around to guess the missing information for you. 😐

But it delivers, as you might expect it to.


audiotag can handle renaming tasks, converting tags to file names, batch tag fills and a lot of other menial chores.

And so in that sense, I can’t find much fault.

On the other hand (you knew this was coming), my complaint against audiotag is the same one I have against a lot of similar tools, to include lltag and beets and even id3lib (or whatever it’s called on your system).

There’s no real interface. It’s just a text-based series of flags without any real sense of conveyance.

It works — don’t get me wrong. But after years of hunting down oddball console programs, I have yet to run across something that behaves like audiotag (or lltag or beets or id3lib) but looks like EasyTag.

But with line-drawing characters, of course. 😉

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