beets: Not the veggie kind

I see over the past few months that I have been lax in my methods, occasionally naming software that either was mentioned years before, or never on this particular blog.

That, ladies and gentlemen, simply must change.

To do right, here is beets.


I’ve mentioned beets in such august company as lltag, audiotag, id3ed and even a few others.

That may suggest a pedigree to you, but please accept beets on its own merit.

After all, an application that sifts through audio files, double-checks their tag data against an online database, suggests corrections, tags and arranges the files automatically, and keeps their information in its own database … well, that is no small feat.

And yet it is a small feat. beets doesn’t take up much space, runs quick as lightning (or at least as fast as your internet connection will allow 🙄 ) and has color too. And we all know how important that is.

I’ve mentioned a lot of tagging tools on here, and I always suffix those posts with a plaintive cry for something like EasyTag for the console.

In the meantime, I will promise you that beets is installed on my machine, and I literally rely on it. Best praise I can think of. 🙂

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