id3ed: As close as I may ever get

The hound, bay horse and turtledove of Linux software seems to be a console application (not a command-line tool) that will allow you to manage tags in audio files.

I say that after years of searching and not finding anything that seems to do the job in the same manner as, for example, EasyTag or puddletag.

Please don’t read any bitterness into that; if there’s a gap in the landscape, I am usually corrected in due time.

However, I can offer id3ed as a kind of pacifier, until an actual tool like that appears.


id3ed’s “interactive mode” is about as close to an acutal tag manager for the console as I’ve ever found.

It’s very simple and straightforward too: Kickstarting the program triggers its editing prompts, which step through in plain-Jane fashion, start to finish.

I like that id3ed is smart enough to let me simply tap the enter key through the tags that don’t need adjusting.

But it would be nice if I could backtrack if I made an error, rather than start all over again. 🙄

id3ed also can batch-set tags, blank tags or selectively set them. The -help flag will show you how.

For the most part this is pretty good. Combine this with something like audiotag and/or beets or lltag, and you might be able to live out these dark days without a proper music tag editor for the console.

Oh, woe is us … 😉

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