cataclysm: The zombie apocalypse starts now

I love it when people suggest console games for Linux are a joke.

I can think of three or four games offhand — crawl is one, taipan and gearhead are others — with more depth and intelligence than a lot of graphical games I’ve seen in the past.

And now I can add Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead to that.


I love a console game that goes into detail about encumbrance, item weights, handedness, thirst and hunger, and so forth.

And given the recent upswing in the popularity of zombies (?!), I daresay this should be quite entertaining for anyone actually planning to live out the invasion.

Be prepared to take some time on this one. It has a lot of intricacies and nuances that you’ll want to investigate.

Best of all, as you can see above, it’s quite quick even on this machine.

I usually expect poor performance from games and whatnot, but not this time.

The zombies will be coming at you, full speed. 😯

19 thoughts on “cataclysm: The zombie apocalypse starts now

  1. tingol

    amazing rpg, lots of bugs currently but my god does it have potential. There will be a kickstarter soon as stated on their page so rpg lovers please participate!

  2. Mori

    On my “test” machine it has taken me a good 20 min to compile this thing.
    Dell Insperon 1100
    1 x 1000Mhz Celeron Processor (i486)
    374MB of RAM
    (I will say I do love that machine though it allways does what it is told.)

    On (one of my) actualy nice computers it took 30 seconds.
    HP ENVY dv7
    8 x 3Ghz CORE i7 (yes yuck it is an intell but it was on sale so. . .)
    12GB of RAM

    How long did it take yours?

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