crawl: Still the king of the heap

Since I already posted two games in a row, I might as well finish off a hat trick.


If you don’t know already, that’s Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup, or just “crawl” for short, over ssh to the akrasiac server.

crawl is the game that absorbs most of my console time, partly because it’s so darned good, and partly because it’s just as quick and responsive to play over ssh as it is to install it locally.

So not only is it exceedingly lightweight (I’ve even played it at 150Mhz), but with an internet connection you don’t have to build it yourself — just connect and go.

I mentioned taipan has a lot more depth than most console games, and crawl has a layer of intricacy that rivals a lot of the high-end games published today.

Sure, less in the way of graphic flair, but far more in playability. 😉