boggle: Reaching back to a classic

Here’s another game primarily aimed at the English-speaking audience: boggle.

2013-03-11-solo-2150-boggle-01 2013-03-11-solo-2150-boggle-02

(How embarrassing. I missed vim. 😳 )

Straight out of bsd-games comes this digital remake of a classic dice-and-words and-points game. Shake up an array of letters, take a few minutes and see how many words you can make.

boggle (the digital version, that is) will time you, tally your points and best of all, point out words you missed.

It will even locate the words you couldn’t find, letter by letter in order, to show you how weak you are, human. I, for one, welcome our new digital overlords.

If you remember the original tabletop game, or prefer fun and simple games like this, or you just enjoy challenges to your vocabulary, boggle is a clear winner.

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