bitflu: A tiny torrent daemon

I like rtorrent for the console, followed in quick succession by aria2. The former I use almost exclusively as my torrent client of choice, and it has been that way literally for years.

In the grand scale of things, I will admit that rtorrent doesn’t have a lot of the “features” that some other torrent clients have.

I am willing to forgive most of those things, primarily because rtorrent’s memory footprint and CPU drag are infinitesmal when compared to those other programs.

On the other hand, it would be nice to have a web interface, or telnet access, or a daemonlike structure without dragging in third-party patches and whatnot.

Enter bitflu, which is designed more in that angle.

2013-03-11-solo-2150-bitflu-01 2013-03-11-solo-2150-bitflu-02

Written in perl and with obvious designs on expansion (think: plugins!), bitflu does just about everything you might expect from any standard torrent download tool.

But does it with most everything happening silently, in the background, and out of the way.

You can figure out how to work it probably just from the screenshots there. The daemon itself will watch its .workdir/autoload directory and load anything torrent-ish dropped in there.

You can also access it via telnet and force-feed it through its console interface.

And — hold your breath — it also has a web GUI, accessible through a modern graphical browser, without dragging in miles of Xorg dependencies. 😯

Nicely done, bitflu. A gold smilie for your feature-rich but dependency-lean design: 😀

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