ccal: A calendar with a different view

I mentioned quite a few calendar tools over the past month, some good and some bad.

It’s important to note though, that all of them work on the Gregorian calendar, and not everyone on the planet keeps time with that.

Here’s an alternative for the console, if you rely on the Chinese calendar: ccal.


Much of ccal will remind you of cal, which is probably the most basic of Linux calendars without dropping all the way back to the date command.

ccal doesn’t have the same controls or options though, so don’t charge in and assume you can just dump flags in ccal because they work in cal.

On the other hand, ccal has a nifty option or two — most notably to use Chinese characters in its output, and to send everything to PostScript format. Ergo …


Converted to PDF for display convenience. Rather nice, no? 🙂

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