an: You’re a cheat, admit it

Cheater. You’re a cheat. Admit it. If you’re digging around looking for an anagram solver, you’re probably a cheat.

And wouldn’t you know it, those Linux hackers have come up with one, and tried to hide it with a clever name: an.


Inconceivable. Give it a word, it runs through all its possible variations, and lists them for you on screen.

You can set it to look for certain patterns, phrases within words, minimum lengths, even test words for their combination in a phrase.

It makes games like Scrabble or Lexulous or maybe even Boggle just too easy. And the fact that it runs in Linux … well, that just shows the character of the people who use Linux.

And you? If you’re looking at this page, you’re probably a cheat too. Shame on you, you hacker. 👿

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