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clamav: The seat belt, without the car

Here’s a program I’ve known about for years now, but never ever used: clamav.


Mostly I’ve never used it because … well, after 2006, I rarely ran a Windows-only machine. And even if I did, it was rarer still that it was connected to a network. And even if it was connected to a network, it was exceedingly rare that I used it for any real surfing or whatnot.

Why? I don’t trust Windows, that’s all.

So in my case, needing clamav made about as much sense as owning a seat belt, but no car. 😐

Just for fun though, I have the screenshot above for you. I hope you appreciate it; I went to great lengths. 🙄

I have always wondered why there was no Linux distro which really only booted to a clamav scanner. Most often, when a computer is gifted/given/dumped on me, I wonder if I ought not scan for viruses, just out of curiosity.

To that end, a one-time boot USB straight to clamav in a live environment would be useful. To the best of my knowledge nobody has that. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Of course, you could just install it live in something like Linux Mint or something. Just as good, I guess.

If you want to steal my idea and start your own antivirus distro, be my guest. I release that idea into the wild, to run free and unfettered. …