go2: The obvious name for the tool

Last year’s avalanche of directory-switching tools is still reverberating in my ears. I would never assume I found them all, but I am pleased that I’ve found so many. Here’s go2, which is another of the same vein.


go2 is a clever name, since your effectively asking to “go to” some place else. I can appreciate a witty name … although the more I think about it, maybe it’s not so much witty as it is obvious. 🙄

Append go2 with a string and it will try to find a directory in your tree that matches it. Give it the -r flag and it will search through all your root directory, which makes it quick and easy to jump across wide chasms in your system.

The first time you run go2, it will fit itself into your .bashrc, and from then on you can access its finer features without any hassle. Aside from that, I saw very little configuration that go2 needed.

If go2 runs into a situation where there is more than one option, it will prompt you for a choice. If your target is too fuzzy, that can take a little while.

go2 is in Debian, but I didn’t see it in Arch or AUR. go2 has a few other options that you might not see in other fast directory-switchers, but I will leave them to you to discover. To be painfully honest, cd and tab completion are usually enough for me.

If you need a little more oomph at the prompt though, this might be helpful.

3 thoughts on “go2: The obvious name for the tool

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  2. kkk

    I see an inconsistensy between it’s “man” and –help.
    It seems that in order to include hidden folders in the search, according to the man page, you need to add -d.
    In the –help section, no such choice is given. And, obviously, it doesnt work. 🙂

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