ired: Unenthusiastic, as might be expected

Time for another hex editor, and just so you don’t get the impression that this blog is some kind of mutual appreciation society, here’s one I really don’t like: ired.

2014-10-09-6m47421-ired 2014-10-09-6m47421-vired

Strictly speaking, ired is on the left, and vired is on the right. ired and vired are analogues to ed and vi, which represent a line editor and a “graphical” arrangement. Hence the names, ired and vired.

In short, I’m not a big fan of ired or vired, mostly because they’re just too obtuse to be practical for me. Hex editors are a stretch for me anyway, but these two will probably never grace my system again.

I suppose that’s not unexpected; ed is a quaint giggle of a program to me, and vi is simply a step down from vim, which I suffer through daily just because … well, just because.

So a hex editor that behaves like ed, or a hex editor that behaves like vi, just doesn’t register on The Scale of Things K.Mandla Likes. :\

If you are one of the Real (Wo)Men of Unix, and you live and breathe ed or vi, then you’ll probably want to take a close look at ired and vired. For me, it’s not worth pursuing. Next, please.