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draai: A wrapper for a client for a daemon

I might have drifted beyond my limit on this one. This is draai:


draai is, as the home page explains, a wrapper for mpc. For those of you keeping score at home, that makes draai a wrapper for a client for a daemon.

I have already embarrassed myself by talking down about mpc and mpd; I figure I can’t do much more damage by bringing draai into the mix.

On the one hand, draai does simplify things a bit. draai understands most of what I think are underlying mpc commands (like draai play and draai stop). But it also adds a few nifty flairs. For example, draai can send status information into the system logs, if I understand correctly.

It’ll also show you a burst of future tracks, and information for each one. You can also set draai to start or stop itself at a particular time, meaning it could be a kind of console radio clock.

There are a few other perks in using draai over vanilla mpc, but I will let you explore. The README file explains most of them.

One caveat: As best i could tell, there was no way to run draai outside of a zsh shell. Whether or not zsh is in your repertoire is your problem to solve; it may be worth it to run zsh just to get at draai.

But again, that’s your decision to make. Traai it and decide. 😆