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pjsua: Looks good, sounds … well …

This will be short: I have a screenshot for pjsua, but I think that might be all I can offer on it.


pjsua is a command-line SIP client — in other words, a software phone.

Personally I put things like this in the same mental box with Skype or Ekiga or linphone. I’m ashamed to say that Skype is the only one of those three I have used beyond a cursory startup, and I quit it not long after the Microsoft takeover. Not that my decision was related, but. …

Anyway, pjsua appears to have plenty of options to run your online phone needs. I have to say “appears” because I don’t have a SIP number that I know of, except perhaps via my GMail account, and I thought that was only available to U.S. residents. Or at least that’s what it told me last time I checked.

I can’t say if this is better than linphone, but suspect pjsua is a little more technical than linphone. Of course, to be honest, I’ve used both linphone and pjsua about the same amount of time, so what do I know … ? 😕

Regardless, I’m betting either one is better than Skype.

So my unfortunate brief encounter with pjsua boils down to, “Looks good, probably sounds good too.” 😐

linphone: Deserving of more attention

Another one for the category of “must try later:” linphone.


I believe this is primarily a graphical program, but as you can see it does have a console-only mode.

I can’t vouch for sound quality at all; in fact, I can’t even vouch that it works.

Call it a logistical issue, but I don’t have a second person online that I can test it with, in the immediate future. 😕

So it may be a few weeks before I can actually try it out fully. But I intend to.

At present, if I need Skype-like services, I unfortunately use Skype. And while it is more or less the gold standard for Internet voice, I am not a huge fan.

If linphone can provide a similar function at or around the same quality, I’d be overjoyed to switch. More news at 11.