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mpck: Seemingly misnamed

So long as we’re on mp3 file checkers, mpck is available too.


Had it been me, I would have named it mp3ck, but that is neither here nor there.

In the same sort of fashion as mp3check and mp3val, mpck skims mp3 files and checks for errors.

And again, without a damaged file I don’t know what I can show except happy results.

mpck does have a couple of unusual flairs though: It will check for names that are longer than a certain limit, check for “strange” characters, and check files with extensions other than just mp3.

I see no option to fix files though, so it may be that you need another tool for a monkey wrench, if mpck throws errors.

And this time the tables are turned: mpck is in Arch, but not Debian! Revenge! 😉

mp3val: A simple validation check

I’m coming to grips with the fact that my Thursdays are more or less overloaded, and if I want to keep up my two-a-day pace I’m going to have to make preparations.

Fair enough. Here’s one I anticipated yesterday: mp3val.


Much like mp3check from last week, mp3val runs through the files you give it, and checks over the guts.

mp3val has the options to fix errors, preserve timestamps, keep an error log, etc. It seems quite prepared to do a thorough job.

I say “seems” again because I went through the mp3 files I have and didn’t get any errors, like you see in the screenshot.

mp3check though, marked those with small inconsistencies, which now makes me wonder if one or both of these programs is slightly out of whack. One is giving warnings, the other says remain calm, all is well.

Perhaps if I had a file I knew to be damaged, I could troubleshoot one or both. If you have an mp3 that is corrupted, maybe you can perform due diligence. I have a few more posts to get through this morning. … 🙄

By the way, this is another that is in Debian &c., but not in Arch. 😯 Blasphemy! 😉