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heirloom-mailx: Perhaps it’s time for a change

I got a lot of help from Peter while setting up heirloom-mailx, and it might have made the difference for me. I find that I enjoy this quite a bit.


I’m still working out all the small details, but so far I can check mail out of a GMail account, reply, sort and so forth. I’m definitely not an expert, but I’m working on it.

I use alpine usually, and this has a few small advantages over alpine that I can see off the bat.

One-file configuration was nice. alpine has a massive list of options that can sometimes obscure things for me, even after years of digging around in it.

As you might imagine, heirloom-mailx is quite light, and quite quick. On the other hand, it’s very terse, and expects you to know what you’re doing.

I do like that it sends most everything into your $PAGER, for reading or displaying messages. And the man page is nothing if not replete — it even has a narrative near the end, stepping you through processes.

The funny part of this is, I can remember for years now, seeing heirloom-mailx as part of default installations (usually Arch). Never tried it.

Glad I did. And thanks again to Peter, for his help. Cheers! 😀

P.S.: I’m going to share the sites that Peter linked for me, that helped with a GMail setup. …
Good luck!