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mosh: I see the what, the where, the how … but the why?

I don’t ever recall hearing a discouraging word about ssh, which easily ranks among my top three coolest tools ever.

I wouldn’t say it’s without faults though, and I assume that’s the reason why there’s mosh.

I’ve had hanging connections in ssh, particularly if I shut down a machine while still connected. I don’t know if mosh would help with that or not, but judging by its description, it might be a better tool if ssh is causing problems.

But I don’t know how to show that, in a screenshot.


I guess if you have a poor connection and you’ve seen ssh misbehave, mosh might be a better application for remote connections.

As it is, I’m just connecting between two machines on my desktop here. And barring a lighting strike, massive solar flare or a meteor crashing through the roof, interference is unlikely.

So all the pieces are obvious and I can figure out how to work it. I just … don’t … know … why. … 😦