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ipbt: A better replay option

I mentioned a lot of terminal recorder options in the past, some good and some bad. ttyrec was one of those, and while it alone didn’t really impress, it is getting a small boost from ipbt.


You’ll have to look close at that image to see ipbt’s contribution. What otherwise just looks like a screenshot of a slightly mangled htop session is ipbt’s frame by frame controls and on-screen display.

ipbt adds just about everything you could want to ttyrec playback. Pause and start keys, frame advance, time compression, jump-to-frame and jump-to-end keys, and a bunch more. ipbt will even allow you to search through the text in the frame. It’s not exactly an Esper machine, but it’s clever.

Unfortunately, ipbt can’t do much about ttyrec’s overall quality, and the frame above is a good example. ipbt allows you to step through those recordings and perform a heady acrobatics with them, but I’ve seen very little from ttyrec that wasn’t mangled to start with. So perhaps ipbt is just lipstick on a pig.

Regardless, someone put a lot of effort and time into ipbt and it does make the otherwise less-than-thrilling ttyrec into a proper and usable recording and playback tool. It’s a shame it can’t capture correctly though. 😐