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prips: Print ranges of IP addresses

I have a feeling that prips is either an absolute godsend, or something you can more or less dismiss out of hand.


And that’s about all it does, as far as I have found. prips spits out ranges of IP addresses, in increments or within ranges that you define. Or CIDR, too.

It doesn’t ping them, or attack them, or even test them. All it does is send them to STDOUT.

It’s sad to think that for some, like me, this will be easily forgotten. I just don’t have a real frame for reference for it. And most of the tools that I see have built-in IP range flags.

Or on the other hand, if you rely on a tool that doesn’t have its own built-in IP range function, prips will probably make your life a lot easier.

And that’s all. 😉