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presage: Oh, you think you’re sooo smart

I have always tried to be somewhat accommodating in these daily software adventures. I run into a lot of things I have no frame of reference for, and so long as it’s not utterly bewildering, I’m at least willing to run a program once.

presage is … not really an application, but it looks good, so I’m willing to give it a spin. Here’s the built-in presage_demo that comes with the Debian version.


presage is a “predictive text” framework, and probably meant more to sit behind the shiny surface of your smartphone and guess at the word you want next while you text your significant other.

So in that sense it’s not really something I have a framework or reference for, but as you can see, it does seem to do the job.

Looking over the home page, you might be asked to make the distinction between a predictive text tool and a spellchecker, where the first is using an algorithm of some sort to suggest your next word, while the latter is correcting fat-fingered mistakes.

I have no problem accepting that difference, and I mention it since, again, presage isn’t really supposed to be used by itself, and rather as a support for something else. If you’re a developer or if you have a keen interest in how your Android works, this might be an educational opportunity for you.

As for myself, I am afraid I shall not get much farther with presage. I have a superiority complex, and can’t stand it when my computer acts like it knows what I want. It just thinks it’s sooo smart. … 👿