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perltidy: Picking up the loose ends

If you look closely at the screenshot here, you’ll see where perltidy was at work.


On the left, the venerable mp32ogg, which I picked because it was the first thing I could find that was written in perl and functional.

On the right, its doppelgänger in mp32ogg.tdy, and as scrubbed clean by perltidy.

I’m familiar with tidyhtml, which — as a nonprogrammer — I consider to be as important as washing my hands before I eat.

perltidy is new to me though, most likely because … well, because I don’t program, let alone program in perl. Which I suppose makes me a bit of a barrack-room lawyer.

Purists will tell you that perltidy is a crutch, that you should code like a girl anyway, and perltidy and its ilk make you a lazy coder.

Or you could take my uneducated endorsement, which is based on the long-standing presumption that computers should be doing our dirty work, and cleaning up our mistakes for us. 😉