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ppt, bcd and morse: Dit dit, daw daw

One more out of bsd-games, because … well, just because. And this is a three-fer. Here’s ppt first.


If you’ve been in the computer game for a while you’ll recognize a strip of paper tape, cleverly rendered in ASCII characters. ppt will translate to image and back, as you can see in the screenshot above.

Now bcd.


Keeping with the 1960s-70s computer motif, bcd translates — only, I might add — from text to an ASCII rendition of a punch card. Anybody here remember punch cards, besides me? Anyone? Anyone … ? 😕

Last but not least: morse.


By now you probably have an idea of what morse will do, if logic follows in this post. As you can see, morse will use the “dit-daw” notation, or better, the dot-dash notation. And like ppt, it will convert back and forth between its product and the original string.

So … aside from nostalgia, what use are any of these, K.Mandla?

Well, again, you’re the best judge of that. I suppose if you need some sort of bland cryptographic effort, it could work that way. After that … I’m out of ideas. 😉