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klick: Well that was awkward

So I find myself in the awkward situation of having shot my mouth off about klick, a digital metronome, and the lack of sound it made when I tried it out.

ids1024 pointed out my mistake — that the -P flag tells klick to output to speakers. I apologize for my error; my only explanation is that I didn’t recognize the prompt from the help page of “automatically connect to hardware ports” meant “make sound.” That, and I didn’t expect a digital metronome to default to silence. 😳 🙄

And as if all that wasn’t bad enough, now that it’s working as I suppose it should, I realize that it’s rather pointless for me to show you klick in the first place.


Well, that much I found on my own. And I can’t convey the sound klick makes through a PNG file*, so I could have spared myself the embarrassment, posted the same screenshot with a dorky smiley face and a thumbs up, and a caption of “Works great for me!” 🙄

So the moral of the story is: Lie. Don’t ask too many questions. Just lie. 😡

What you see there is the Debian version running in LMDE. klick is in the repos, but won’t draw in jackd so be sure to add that to your system.

Start it up with klick -i -P for the interactive mode and actual sound. Adjust the meter with the 1 through 0 and the q through r keys. Volume can be adjusted with the plus and minus keys, and the tempo is controlled with arrows.

My final confession is that I have all the musical talent of a brick; I can make music if rattling pots and pans or pressing the “play” button on a CD player is “making music.”

Which means the last and greatest irony of this little misadventure is that I have no practical reason to keep klick around. All that embarrassment, and nothing to show for it. 😦

*Well, I suppose I could, if I recorded the sound, then embedded it in the file with something like steghide. But that would be more work to record and inject and extract than just letting you install klick yourself. …