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look: A spellchecker at the command line

Here’s a quick and easy tool. look is part of util-linux, and does little more than show possible variations on portions of words.

It’s probably easier to show than explain.


You can pick a dictionary file as a flag, and both cracklib and words make good options.

Best I can tell, that’s all look does. But like so many other things, how you use it is a lot more important than what it does.

geoiplookup: Another very simple tool

Next contender for the simplest-but-still-useful award … geoiplookup.


That’s not my real IP address, by the way. I stole that off a random web page. 😈

But in the tradition of groups and a few other one-shot, one-line tools, geoiplookup returns a general geographic location for an IP address.

I don’t know how useful that could be; after all, saying an address is located in the U.S. is only one or two steps down from saying “it’s on Planet Earth.” 🙄

Still, I can imagine this might be useful if you’re tracing Internet activity, or you want to know whose jurisdiction you’re in, according to your IP address.

But that’s about all I can think of. Perhaps there is another kung-fu master way to use this, and I just lack the insight.

Part of geoip in Arch, geoip-bin in Debian.