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wiki-stream: Less than six degrees of separation

I didn’t intend for there to be two Wikipedia-ish tools on the same day, but one good wiki-related utility deserves another. Or in this case, deserves a gimmick.

Josh Hartigan‘s wiki-stream (executable as wikistream) tells you what you probably already know about Wikipedia: that the longer you spend daydreaming on the site, the more likely you are to find yourself traveling to oddball locations.


You might not think it possible to travel from “Linux” to “physiology” in such a brief adventure, but apparently there are some tangential relationships that will lead you there.

I don’t think Josh would mind if I said out loud that wiki-stream has no real function other than to show the links that link between links, and how they spread out over the web of knowledge. Best I can tell, it takes no flags, doesn’t have much in the way of error trapping, and can blunder into logical circles at times.

But it’s kind of fun to watch.

wiki-stream is in neither Arch nor AUR nor Debian, most likely because it’s only about a month old. You can install it with npm, which might be slightly bewildering since the Arch version placed a symlink to the executable at ~/node_modules/.bin. I’m sure you can correct that if you know much about nodejs.

Now the trick is to somehow jam wiki-stream into wikicurses, and create the ultimate text-based toy for time-wasting. … :\

cleanlinks: Use with caution

Here’s an odd little utility for you: Buried deep in the Xorg imake tool is cleanlinks.

No screenshot this time. Nothing to show. And also because … I’m afraid to use it. 😳

See, cleanlinks starts at your $PWD and skims through subdirectories, looking for empty folders and dead symlinks … and then deletes them.

With no warnings, and no interaction, and no confirmation. Just a list of the recently deceased. 😯

First time I tried cleanlinks I panicked because three or four local directories disappeared.

Technically speaking they were empty, so yes they should have been removed. They were just static directories that I keep around for structure’s sake. Like “hold” or “temp” or “downloads”. 🙄

So no major damage was done. Then I checked the man page, and realized it was a rather arbitrary tool. Not even a help flag.

So by all means, use it to clean out content-less folders and link-less links. Just be aware that it will do exactly what it promises … without checking for your permission. 😐

P.S., Debian users can find this in xutils-dev.