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fbless: The things I learn

Until I started poking around with fbless, I hadn’t ever heard of fictionbook format. Wikipedia tells me it originated in Russia and is still popular there; that’s the first I knew of it, and still pretty much is all I know.


fbless is nothing terribly complex. Best I can tell, it parses the format and spins the text out through a less-like viewer. Many of the same commands are available, so you can page through a document, jump back to the top or see how the story ends, or search the text for strings.

That’s about it. I know this is a very superficial once-over, but fbless itself carries no documentation, accepts no help flags, and the home page is in Russian. 😐

I can send it through Google Translate, but that doesn’t tell me a lot that I didn’t already know. I suppose something like this should be accepted for what it does, not what it doesn’t do.

So I can’t really say anything bad about fbless. I don’t feel like I was sold short; in fact I learned one or two new things. I should get that much out of every little program I install. 😉