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burn-cd: In spite of its age, quite useful

Looking over the Sourceforge page, burn-cd seems to have seen its best days almost six or seven years ago, and if I’m reading that right had its last update in 2009. I know that means it won’t appeal to some people, but bear with me:


Because burn-cd works fine once it’s pointed at your optical drive, and has your files in tow.

It requires no more prodding than the folder or files or ISO you want to write. And it keeps you well informed of its progress, in color and updated constantly. No guessing about what’s happening out there in CD land.

Technically it’s old enough to default to /dev/hdc for your CD burner, so you’ll want to set it to /dev/sr0 or what have you in .burn-cd.conf. While you’re at it, I recommend the verbose = yes setting, which does send a lot more information to the console.

But after that, it’s just burn-cd /home/kmandla/files, and the deed is done. I like that.

Ordinarily I would push for some kind of interface and maybe some push-buttons or a couple of spinny thingies while it’s writing, but the word of the day for burn-cd is “clean and simple.” Nicely done. 😉

burn-cd is in AUR but doesn’t show up on the Debian search pages. Perhaps it was once part of the Debian arsenal but has been sloughed off; if that’s the case, it’s a pity. 😕

burn: An aptly named script

burn took me a long time to find, and then when I did find it, I found I had to twist myself around to take a look at it.


For one thing, the AUR version doesn’t seem to build for me — it required python-eye3d, which must have been in AUR at some point, but isn’t now.

Luckily Debian has it in its repositories; the downside being that I have something else installed on the D600 right now, and couldn’t get to it right away.

All that is immaterial. What little I can show of burn is above. Best I can tell, it works, although what you see there is Mint on the x86_64, and I don’t have a USB CD player for the Acer.

A lot of entanglements here, don’t you think?

Please don’t let that color your opinion of burn. I didn’t go all the way to burning a CD with it, but the preliminary runs seemed fine.

It has a configuration system, and the readme files have lots of examples. If the standard command-line flags for CD burning are too configured or you just want something simpler, this might be the answer. 😉