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yahoo-group-grabber: The winter of our discontent

The Y section is a blissfully short list; so short in fact, that I could comfortably skim through all the titles I had collected, and see what sort of trouble I was getting myself into. I haven’t been able to do that since the Q section. 🙄

Unfortunately, it looks like most of the Y section will be near-misses — and by that I mean software that comes so very, very close to being wonderfully useful. But instead somehow falls short.

First up is yahoo-group-grabber, which I had on my list as “yahoo group archiver,” but the link calls it “Grab Yahoo Group,” and installs as grabyahoogroup, and appears in AUR as grabyahoogroup-svn.

With that many stray names floating around, I’m sufficiently worried that there might be something else out there in the wild that uses a similar title, and I’m on the wrong track. All the same. …


grabyahoogroup is doing its best there to archive the text, images, attachments and member profiles of the “linux” group on Yahoo. I gave it my account information on a previous run, but it seems to be bumping into issues.

Unfortunately I can’t account for what’s wrong, mostly because I don’t know what’s right. I don’t peruse Yahoo Groups, and I only picked “linux” because … well, because this site is mostly about Linux. 🙄

grabyahoogroup is a little less than a year out from its last published update, so I am reasonably comfortable in the belief that it hasn’t been eclipsed by changes in perl. It may be that I have twisted around my settings or system in such a way that grabyahoogroup is confused.

Add to that some uncertainty about what access my account will grant, and perhaps you can see why I’m not discounting this as completely nonfunctional. Most likely, I have some external issues that are keeping grabyahoogroup from doing its job correctly.

I still have to chalk this one up as “doubtful.” But don’t take it personally; just about everything over the next few days will be “doubtful.” :\