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ht: High marks, even if it’s lost on me

This little adventure of the past two years has run me up against more than one tool that I like a lot, but haven’t a single use for. ht is one of those, for reasons that are probably obvious just in these screenshots.

2014-12-22-jsgqk71-hte-01 2014-12-22-jsgqk71-hte-02

ht, a/k/a hte or the HT Editor, has a perfect interface with lots of color, a drop-down menu approach, an adjustable two-pane layout, on-screen function keys and a mess of other goodies.

My only problem is, I can’t say that I’ve ever needed a disassembler and executable editor. 😦

I see where it can double as a hex editor though, so perhaps I should just accept it as that, since I might be able to put it to that use … maybe once, sometime in the next two or three years. πŸ™„ It probably wouldn’t be fair to just call it a hex editor though, since it’s obviously prepared to do a lot more.

I’ll give ht high marks for its style and presentation, even if the purpose of the program is completely over my head. That puts it in good company though, with things like tig, txt2regex and others. 😦

ht is in Debian as well as Arch’s community, and probably for good reason. I’d be pleased to think I could put ht to use some time — heck, I might even settle for watching over someone’s shoulder while they use it. 😐

P.S.: Argh, there’s that red-on-blue effect again. … 😑